Advantages of Using Email Clients

Family Email HostingIt seems as if more and more Internet services are moving to become web-based only. A decade or two ago, most people still used email clients like Outlook to access their email messages. Lately, nearly everyone uses the web, and they consider email clients to be a thing of the past. Now that Internet connections are becoming more ubiquitous, there may not appear to be any need for email clients. However, there are still many benefits to using an email client. Let's take a look at a few of the top advantages so that you can decide whether or not using an email client is worth it.

First, using an email client can be a tremendous time-saver if you have multiple email accounts. Many people have separate emails for their business and for their personal use. They may also have a Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail account. If you want to check for new messages across all of your email addresses, then that means that you will have to log in to several different sites. Once you set up an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird, it will automatically download your mail across all of your email accounts so that you can access it in one easy place.

Another advantage of using email clients is that your messages are stored on your computer. This is a must if you want to ensure that your past emails are kept secure. If all of your emails are located on a web server somewhere, then you never know when the email company may delete them. It will also be much quicker to access each email, since it generally takes less time to open a file on your computer than it takes to download a file from the Internet.

One of the greatest advantages of using email clients is that they allow you to work with your emails even when you are offline. If you have a laptop, then you know that there are many times when you would like to connect to the Internet, but there is no WiFi connection nearby. You would like to be able to respond to a particular email that your friend wrote to you, but you can't access it because you are not online. With an email client, you will be able to access your friend's email because it has been stored on your computer's hard drive. You can write the response and tell your email client that you would like to send the reply to your friend. A few hours later when your computer is connected to the Internet again, the email will be instantly sent out. In your business, it is likely that this happens even more often. When you are on the subway or on an airplane, sometimes the Internet simply is not available. Email clients will allow you to be much more productive than you could ever hope to be with a web-based email service. If you've forgotten what it's like to use email clients, then you should try one today.